Used to bees don't make no honey

It used to be that you had a great story to share with the world and you contacted your local TV station in hopes they would jump at the opportunity to cover your important story.

Pitching your story to local media was a smart media relation’s strategy back when TV news was bustling with a large staff. To no avail, you were likely disappointed that the station didn’t return your calls or emails from your carefully crafted media release. With limited staff at stations today, they were likely busy covering breaking news. That doesn't mean you should not reach out to your favorite station, they may bite on your story and it's definitely worth a shot.

Here’s some breaking news for you: Don’t wait for your favorite station to cover your story – create the story yourself! Yes, cover the story yourself and create your own YouTube TV station that strategically ties back to your own website and social media outlets.

Check out what KLM Airlines is doing with this creative story that ultimately is a well-crafted marketing piece. They could have waited months on end for a TV station to cover the story; instead, they created their own content for the world to see. What is brilliant with their approach is they didn't jam their messages down our throats; instead, they do it subtly with a dog, which is a great way to elicit an emotional reaction. Without the emotion, the story will never be remembered.

Instead of the story airing once on a local station’s newscast, KLM’s story lives indefinitely on social media platforms online to be shared with the world. This is a great SEO opportunity for you to tag videos with all your important keyword phrases.

Creating your own content is a fabulous inbound marketing technique that brings in prospective eyeballs into your company. In fancy marketing terms, this technique is called lead generation. You generate leads by creating the content.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

As you dive into 2017, what you can change is YOU and your marketing approach as you define your goals and tactics to reach your audience. Your best bet to reach and grow your audience is through creative visual storytelling.

It’s an empowering thought to know that you can create your own story and control the content. Don’t be a used to bee. Be the Queen Bee and make great honey. Don’t wait just do.

Mark Anderson is the Chief Storyteller and CEO of Creative Soul Video, a video production company and brand marketing company specializing in visual storytelling. Mark has won over 20 Emmys for his work as a visual storyteller.